In 1923 E.F. Hutton originally commisioned a private yacht to be built and christened her "The Hussar"

After about 5 years, several partnerships were sold for $1 for tax shelter purposes.

Click for the old deckplan of the Mandalay
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In 2007 Windjammer Barefoot Cruise abandoned their entire fleet across the Caribbean and Central America. The Polynesia went home to her original port when she bought at auction by the Portugese Government to refurbish as a training vessel. The Legacy was was pulled ashore by the locals in Costa Rica and cut up for scrap metal. The Amazing Grace and Yankee Clipper lie languishing at the old Burke boatyard in Trindad being stripped of their former glory.

However THAT is not the Fate ot the Mandalay! She was rescued in Panama when she was purchased by Fidi Angermyer. It was his intent to adding her to his existing fleet sailing around the Galapagos but couldn't pull it off..
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Union Island
Sandy Island

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