The safety of players, patrons,and employees must be considered first and foremost.

1. Non-sportsman like conduct will not be tolerated and could result in 
the expulsion of a player from the bar and/or league.

2. All players should respect the policies of the Hosting bar.

3. Food, T-shirts and other incentives are at the discretion of each 
bar.  Half time drinks will be provided according to Hosting bar policy.

4. Conflicts must be resolved by the Team Captains the night of the 
game in a friendly and sportsman like manner.

5. A match is comprised of three sets of five games played by two 

6. Team captains must keep scores and  statistics.  A copy of the 
score sheet  must be turned in to the Hosting bar by the Home team 
Captains each night of play.

7. Hosting bar may substitute an on-duty bartender in the event of a 
missing player, per bartender discretion. (Only one bartender per 
match may be substituted).

8. Bar Owners and Bar Managers may be substituted in the event of 
a missing player either Home or Away, per their discretion.  (Only one 
owner or manager per match may be substituted)