Theme music courtesy of Local #42
member "Sunny Jim" White

Ralph with Woody, the Founding "member" of our Union Local On Grenada

<---------The Original Board of Directors

This is near the Carenage in Grenada where new
members Irish Hugh and Tomtoes are being inducted by Woody---->

Sunny Jim visiting Sunny California for his induction by Not_Sirius.

At Jammerfest XV Winefrog is hereby welcomed to the Union by Jim Saint.

Our Brother Union Halls on Bequia and St.Lucia

We turn people's heads and sometimes leave our mark!

It's the quiet one's you have to watch out for though.

We are not only sophisticated,

But we document the evidence for posterity. Well, within REASON!

What happens on the ship STAYS on the ship... Usually.

But we're always happy to share the love! Uuhhh Wendy.... Why do you look scared?

We're even KINDA athletic too!
In fact Our dancin'can get downright SHOCKING!!!

No, Taylor did NOT fall!

Sunny Jim doin' what he does BEST!
Maybe it's his 2nd best talent?

Probably best to click here for more music and info.

Clean Bodies DEFINITELY, but Clean Minds?

We can be Useful as well as Entertaining.

We're not just good for Totin'& Carryin' but our specialty "SERVING ICE"

We can be leaned upon.
Or in a "pinch",
even lend a hand wherever it's needed most.

We ALWAYS support the Local economy, at least when they'll let us. Sometimes American Express is NOT the way to go!

We travel in STYLE with an Ice chest large enough for a body!

We're always happy to hold the door for the ladies, or even provide for more PERSONAL NEEDS!

We believe in Safety first, and will jump in to save a lady in distress.
Even if it's just to bring an ICAB!

Or 24 REMOTELY to !

Yes, we do drinks a bit ourselves.

and in general can hold our liquor,

But as you can see, some are already on the "The Patch"

CabanaBoyz Always appreciate Gratuities from the Lovely Ladies of Windjammer.

Especially Captain Neil, our late Chief Union Steward

We're not afraid to take one for the team competing for the "Miss Windjammer" points during shipboard "Sea Hunt" contests either.

Unfortunatelly, Taylor had been at sea WAY too long.

YES accidents CAN happen, even to Captains. Julian did do the right thing for "Jerri Curl" and the BEBE though.

He moved back to Bequia!

OK, the one in the middle is DEFINITELY NOT up to the CabanaBoyz standards!

In Real life he was GOOFY!

NO, REALLY! He claimed to be a "Theme Artist" But actually only wore one of those giant heads at Disney World in Orlando. He took the Miss Windjammer joke WAY too seriously.
He was just creepy!

We believe in Late night "continuing education" too.......

We know what it takes to make the ladies happy.
And they let us know how they feel about CabanaBoyz services in their own subtle ways too.

Of course there are some who have trouble making the last Launch.
They are NOT CabanaBoyz material!

Potential candidates should

Seen on Aruba on the Kukuukanu bus.
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