In 1959 the "FRANCE II" was a meteorological research vessel

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The Final days of this great ship
While at sea, I saw dolphins, flying fish, sharks, eels and rays,
but I was back home on the SF-Vallejo ferry before I saw my 1st Humpback

Photo by Cori Gormley

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We sailed from Aruba to Herradura Costa Rica on what appears to be her last time through the Panama Canal as we knew her.

THE 11/07/2007 "NO SAIL SALE"
Due to Windjammer's financial problems, I feared a necessary "Plan B" for GOBBLEFEST . Tuesday night I furiously repacked. I also had to repack at the SFO check-in as they wouldn't let me slide on 3 lousy lbs.

Funny how some things never change for me!

After these 2 vacations THIS was my very next trip.

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