---GEE BEE at Reno --------------USS Stennis flyby------Paris Air show (Pilot wanted to do a touch and go, but A320 wanted to land. COMPUTER WON! Sort-of)
Yeah, But it sure is clean NOW!

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Bay Area Backroads
GREAT Airplane Photos, (Mostly Jets)!
Lyrics and Chords to many songs
Traffic SKule
The Dumbest Kid Alive.. So far!
California Milk Board PROVES "Happy Cows ARE from California"!
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Check out the 747 over the tower in Japan

If you are a computer geek, you gotta watch this show!
Click here for a Quicktime clip, but it may take a while to load.

Here are all the "bird nouns of assemblage" from literature.
bouquet of pheasants
cast of hawks
charm of finches
clamor of rooks
commotion of coot
congregation of plover
exaltation of larks
fall of woodcock
gaggle of geese
murder of crows
murmuration of starlings
mustering of storks
ostentation of peacocks
paddling of ducks
parliament of owls
rafter of turkeys
siege of herons
spring of teal
stand of flamingos
tiding of magpies
troop of penguins
unkindness of ravens
watch of nightingales

These are for real, honest

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